Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered here please email us at . We’ll answer your question and perhaps even add it to this list.

To recieve alerts via text message, in the notifications properties, select "Notify by email" and following the table below enter your 10-digit mobile phone number for your particular cell phone provider. The list below shows some common carriers and their email domains.

Virgin Mobile:
Bell Canada:

The image below is a Verizon Wireless example.


Each device requires its own subscription. You can, however, manage multiple devices on one PositionTech tracking account.

Tracking data will be available online for 12 months.

Please note, once an active GPS tracking plan or individual tracker has been deactivated, all data for that tracker is deleted from the system. It is suggested that you download all needed data prior to cancelling any devices or services.   

You can cancel your account from our website, or give us a call or send an email and we can cancel it for you.

Click here to manage your PositionTech account. 

Once you purchase your subscription, it can take up to 12 hours for your GPS tracker to become active.  However, this usually takes much less time.  Once activation is complete, you will receive an email notifying you that your tracker is ready for use.

If you have not recieved an activation email please check your spam folder.  

Yes! The PositionTech app is available on iOS and Android. Search for it by typing Positiontech into the app store searchbar or click the links on the home page. Your account can also be accessed and managed online at

GPS tracking laws vary from state to state, however we are unaware of any laws or jurisdictions that prohibit tracking a vehicle you or your business owns, rents or leases. 

Positiontech does not condone the use of GPS tracking for harassment, stalking, or other nefarious purposes and it is solely your responsibility to be aware of, and to comply with, all applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction and to obtain any required consent if required. 

If, in our sole opinion, you are in non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations PositionTech may refuse to provide or cancel service. Please see Terms & Conditions for details.


Your GPS tracker is a device that requires a cellular data plan to communicate GPS data to our servers.  Our Service Plans include the cost of the cellular data and access to the PositionTech GPS mapping platform.

Our tracking units utilize lightning fast 4G LTE connected to either AT&T, or T- Mobile towers (whichever has the strongest signal in an area). If cellular service does not exists in your area, or the 4G connection is not strong enough, the unit will switch to a backup that continues to track but does not support real-time tracking. Once the unit reconnects to 4G service it will upload all stored data to the Positiontech servers so that you never lose sight of your fleet.