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Track-It Plan

Track-It Plan

  • All essential features with 1 Minute location updates when in motion.
  • A great choice for fleet managers, business owners, and parents who want peace of mind and regular updates.
  • Alerts by Mobile Notification and Email.

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Features of Our Platform

The Subscription Plan includes both the cellular data fee and access to the PositionTech GPS platform website and mobile app.

Real-Time Tracking

The Track-It plan offers location updates as fast as every 60 seconds. We offer the best service for an affordable price. 

PositionTech GPS devices ship activated on our GPS platform utilizing 4G LTE for reliability. View the platform from the convenient phone app, or via the web, the PositionTech GPS platform will allow you to locate your tracker anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks.

Movement, Speed, and Boundary Alerts

The PositionTech GPS platform can send alerts when changes happen. Receive alerts when devices arrive at a destination, travel at excessive speed, exit geofence boundaries or when two or more devices on the platform come together.

Full History

PositionTech provides users 12 months of data. This way you have access to all of your recent tracking history, and you can also explore back in time all of the trips and stops made by all of your trackers. 


By providing Position Tech LLC your credit card information you certify and authorize Position Tech LLC to charge your Credit Card for the live GPS tracking software subscription. Position Tech LLC will then bill your credit card the total due for the chosen plan from the starting date of subscription. Following subscription fees will be automatically billed to your credit card. This is a recurring Fees payment structure. Failure to cancel your account is considered explicit consent to continue charging your credit card and your acceptance of the charges. We do not provide refunds for service/subscription fees. By proceeding with activation, you agree to these terms and accept the responsibility to request cancellation as documented by an e-mail or through your account portal 30 days prior to your next bill date.

Legal Use
By subscribing you agree to abide by the laws and/or restrictions of your city, county, state or country that may regulate surveillance practices. provides the service as is and will be held harmless for any failures to report resulting from any 3rd party platforms or networks.

Cancellation Procedures:

To cancel your account simply send an e-mail to or simply cancel through your subscription account portal. 

Please note that when your Tracker account is deactivated all previous tracking data is deleted from the system. You are able to reactivate your device at a later date if  requested within 6-months. After 6-months the SIM card may be deactivated.

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Real Time GPS

Our ultra-fast 4G LTE network offers real-timealerts and notifications.

Fast Updates

No seperate price plans for 60 second, 30 second and 10 second updates. We offer the best service for an affordable price.